Seven Most Common Users Of Twitter

Famous micro-blogging network, known to us by the name of “Twitter”, was founded about seven years ago.  What began with the question: What are you doing? Is now transformed into what is going on? Since its inception, the site has amassed more than 500 million users, with more than 200 million active users using the platform steadily, generating over 400 million tweets a day. Twitter is a medium that can be highly rewarding and incredibly frustrating depending on how much it is used and with whom you interact with through it. Given below are seven common users (identified according to their tweets) that you are going to find on twitter. Zombie These are users who love to 'eat' the brains of other twitterers. They use Twitter constantly, but do so in a passive way by reading the tweets of others ,looking for information, but not generating it. After all more than 80% of the users of the social network tweet least once a day. 51% of these users have less than five followers and 21% of them have never posted a tweet. And like any apocalypse, zombies are in the majority amongst other users. The squeaky The Squeaky are those users, who do not have a clear strategy (or still do not understand Twitter).They are always looking to get their head around this network, still trying to answer the question, What are you doing, 24 hours a day. Many of them tend to leave the social network after a few days when the network gives no response to such queries. Professionals Then there are those users who want to make the most of it by successfully marketing through it. Twitter after all is one of the most successful and effective microblogging network. They usually tweet almost every information exclusive to their company  and industry and respond only to your request by sending a message: “Thanks for following our company, visit xyz for more information.” Explorers Users who constantly surf the net to find the best content available are known as explorers. Whenever these users discover useful and interesting information, they share it with their followers and the whole world, also adding data and information of their own to it. They are the most active of all the Twitter users. Influencer Influencers are no different than the explorers. The only difference is that they are influential personalities having fandom or authority on particular subject, influencing the minds of their followers through their regular tweets. Every time they share something on Twitter they probably generate a viral effect or at least a good number of retweets. Influencer knows how to use the platform in the best way possible for spreading any information. The Meme Memes are those phrases or pictures on the net that capture the imagination of users in a way, that can be applied to different situations; usually combined with humor and sarcasm. In abound Twitter parody accounts exploit memes for legions of followers. From a "lion" seen on the streets of England, until a snake that escaped from a zoo in New York, everyone has a Twitter account. Philosopher Users engaged in sharing quotations, positive thoughts and reflections of life fall under the category of Philosophers. Like it or not, tweets containing content of this nature tend to expand rapidly. These are just some of the users that you are going to find around this network . Comment below if you know more about twitter users.  


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